All of us know that bad thing can happen to great people, but it is our mindset to these difficulties that molds us. Bi-Go wishes to help you flourish and make it through, and provides short articles about readiness, and off-the-grid, self-reliant living.


The vision for Bi-Go publication started with the desire to bring favorable, high-quality product to our readers about various survival specific niches in the main center. Bi-Go exists because our company believes in people, neighborhood, and assisting others. We understand that people bond through shared experience and we can grow and learn together, and there is no much better sense than this. In the old days, households and neighborhoods would all collect in a field for a barn-raising, and this enhanced the neighborhood; at Happy to Survive, sharing this cumulative experience belongs of our success.


Our authors cumulatively have years of useful experience from every part of this excellent country: from operating in the fields, pastures, lawns, gardens, and flowerbeds, to experience in cooking areas, sawmills, and other places.


As we constructed this company, we have gotten in touch with a lot of terrific people. We discovered on the farm ways to collaborate, understand values, and value people. Bi-Go exists with strong work principles and best regards take care of our staff members and consumers like a family would. We wish to return and we wish to get in touch with a bigger group of similar people to exchange concepts on prepping, food storage, dehydration, and many other subjects around readiness. We bring this understanding to you in every short article that we release.


We run our operation from Alabama in a town without any lack of fans of gardening, weapons, flexibility, and the American way of living. We are simply good-natured folks and we're here if you need us, so have a look around and let us know if there is anything we can assist with. Don't hesitate to drop us a line or send a post if you have something for us to think about publishing.


Our objective is to bring you first-rate posts on associated subjects in one hassle-free place. By resolving the different elements of readiness, self-sufficiency, and sustainability combined with contemporary life, each issue will bring something for everybody.


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